Client Testimonials
for Wayne Newsom
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We first met Wayne in late summer of 1993 when we came to Estes Park thinking we might get a vacation home since we had a long history with Estes dating back to the 1960’s.  Wayne helped us find exactly what we needed – it might not have happened without him.

After twenty very rewarding years, we realized it was time for us to reduce our traveling and we should sell the Estes home.  My next thought was a hope that Wayne hadn’t retired yet.
It turned out he had nott even thought about retiring and he proceeded to lead us through the entire intricate process, beginning to end, starting August 2013.

Immediately after the September flood disaster, Wayne called us with a report of the enormity of the damage in the area and that he had checked our home promptly.  He found the downstairs carpeting soaked beyond salvage and had contacted our caretaker, Howard Jones.  Howard also acted promptly, getting the carpet, wet wallboard and wood studding disposed of.  These two fellows saved us from further damage and from mold infestation.

During the marketing period, Wayne frequently contacted us with wise suggestions to make the house more appealing.  On a Sunday, he and Pat searched and found the corner pins for the property…one buried several inches of silt.

Wayne also found a buyer for our reliable Toyota Cressida which was in the garage.  I could go on and on, but maybe this is enough to show what kind of guy Wayne is!

Don and Loah Stallard,  
St Joseph, MO

Hello Pat and Wayne:

When we wanted to sell our home in Estes Park, Wayne was the intended real estate agent, because we had received your real estate mailings for many years. When it then occurred that our neighbor wanted to buy our house, we did apparently not need a real estate anymore. A handshake and a check seemed to be all that was needed. Completely wrong. There appeared a mountain of bewildering paper work for which we were not prepared. Wayne to the rescue!

We are very grateful for your patient help with this unbelievable stuff. We were just helpless otherwise. Thank you so much.

And we were delighted to see the picture of the North Cape on your desk. You are the first people we have ever met to have been there, a place whose existence had interested me since I had been to school. Wonderful. There is something of interest for the Newsom family other than real estate. We enjoyed meeting both of you and are very grateful for your help selling our home. It could not have been better.

Lothar and Kate Koschmieder.

Wayne Newsom Client TestimonialWhen we first began looking for a home in Estes Park we never thought that our realtor would become our friend.  But that’s what happened during the year (!) that we worked with Wayne in finding the place that was right for us.

We looked at approximately 28 houses with Wayne, beginning in June 2013, through the fall just after the flood (when porta-potties lined most of the neighborhood streets), and in weather conditions that might’ve scared most people, but not Wayne.  He enthusiastically showed us every house that interested us, even ones we had to reach in deep snow, wearing hiking boots and using poles.  And he patiently worked with and listened to us—with caring expertise and conscientious professionalism—while we figured out what kind of house we wanted.

Pat’s support was also extremely valuable while we searched for our future home, and her good humor and insight helped make what could have been a very stressful process much less so.  Both Wayne and Pat are active in the Estes Park community, and their love for the town and knowledge about its workings helped us feel a part of the community even before we closed on our house.  And when they went on vacation after our offer was accepted, Wayne ensured that we’d be guided through the inspection and appraisal processes by someone else at Coldwell Banker and set us up with Scott Thompson, who was equally responsive and helpful.  Wayne also introduced us to a rock star of a home loan consultant, Sara Hart, with Cornerstone Home Lending, who cheerfully and efficiently helped make a complicated situation workable.

It was our privilege to work with Wayne and Pat Newsom, and we highly recommend this great team.

Amy and Michael Kolen
Iowa City, IA/Estes Park

Testimonial for Wayne NewsomThe definition of a consummate professional. He listens patiently to the needs of the client and has vast knowledge of the area. It took us a year to find just the right property and Wayne was very patient and willing to show us the entire gamut of properties available in Estes Park.  A first rate human being. It was our privilege to have him as our agent and now our friend.

Jan and Dave Scott
Lake Charles, LA

Wayne and Pat,

I want to thank you again for all the help you gave my family over the years.  With your help and guidance my parents purchased four properties in Estes Park several years ago and they always spoke very highly of you.  My brother and I deeply appreciated the extensive help you gave us in selling those properties this last year after my father’s death.  You went above and beyond your duties to help find buyers, deal with managers and renters, negotiate deals, arrange with local businesses to make repairs and you even change light bulbs.  I could not have been more pleased with your professionalism and kindness.  I will truly miss Estes Park and visiting with both of you.  The surprise packages after each sale were a treat, too.

Debra Green
Clay Center, KS

Wayne has been a good friend and our Realtor in Estes Park for over 30 years.  He has handled several real estate transactions for us, and it was our pleasure to work with him again recently on the sale of our condo.  To our amazement, we had a solid contract, including the purchase of our furniture, within 48 hours!  Wayne guided us smoothly and professionally through all the closing paperwork, and the entire process was completed in less than a month.

We would not hesitate to use Wayne's services again or recommend him.  He has always listened carefully to our needs and pointed us in the right direction.  After years of experience, he has a thorough knowledge of Estes Park and the surrounding area.  Wayne, it has been a pleasure!

Marilyn & Marv Rutkowski – Estes Park to AZ

Wayne had been a family friend of my parents for years.  After my Dad died about 25 years ago, Wayne frequently took care of my Mom’s needs that had nothing to do with real estate.

As the Realtor for the sale of my Mom’s home after her death, I could not have asked for a more helpful person.  Wayne took care of many issues on my behalf because he was closer and could deal with them easier than I could as I do not live in the area.

Without question, I would recommend Wayne to take care of any needs I may have in the future as a Realtor or any person seeking a Realtor’s service.

R Hanson, Broomfield, CO

Wayne Newsom TestimonialWhat a pleasure it has been working with Wayne and Pat Newsom! When we first met with them last summer, we had just begun to entertain the idea of retiring to Estes Park. Our thoughts were half-baked and tentative, to say the least.

In about ten minutes, Wayne understood our needs better than we did, and we quickly discovered that he knows Estes Park like the back of his hand. He circled a few neighborhoods on a map, and sent us out looking. By the time we returned the next day, we had firmly decided to move.

After that, Wayne was as diligent and helpful and reassuring as could be. Without him, we would never have been able to find and buy a home that fit us so well. In fact, it surpassed our most hopeful dreams.

The process of making the purchase turned out to be complicated and difficult; but Wayne’s calm guidance and patience and insight steered us through. The support of other staff in his office was invaluable as well. At one stage when Wayne and Pat were out of town, Wayne’s associate, Vicky Holler, took up the reins perfectly. And Ben Englehardt, their receptionist, was prompt, cheerful, and supportive throughout.

With Wayne, selling real estate in Estes Park is a labor of love. He loves the town, he knows everybody, and he never lets a neighbor pass without a kind word or a caring question. By the time we closed on our new home, we not only had a growing friendship with Wayne and Pat; we also had the beginnings of a welcoming circle of friends.

We couldn’t recommend Wayne and Pat more highly.

Bob and Lyda Sweeney

Larry & Paula Stobbs - Wayne NewsomWayne Newsom is the best Realtor we have ever dealt with.  He was very helpful in finding us the type of property we were looking for and spent all the time we needed to look at the properties.  He let us make our own decision and not once ever pushed us.  His wife, Pat, and the others at the office made us feel welcomed and at home.  I would highly recommend him and when we decide to make another purchase in the area, he will be the person we will call. (Photo at their EP Vacation Home)

Larry & Paula Stobbs
North Platte, NE

Another Wayne Newsom TestimonialOur experience working with Wayne Newsom both in person and by email was always a very pleasant one. We always had the greatest confidence in him and felt that he knew everything about everything in Estes Park! He always gave tips on things and explained things that he noticed about properties that I never would have even thought to notice. Above all, we always knew that we were "small potatos" when it came to size and price of home or condo that we were looking for compared to many other buyers, but he hung in there with us and made us feel like we were the only customers in the world at that time, which we knew wasn't the case.

He always gave us his full attention and stayed "as long as it took" and never made us feel rushed. He stayed in touch really well and was prompt in answering any questions we had. We are glad we finally found the house we were looking for, but will miss working with Wayne and his wife, Pat!

We would definitely recommend Wayne to anyone.

C & J Todd, Dallas, TX

Wayne Newsom TestimonialWe had vacationed in Estes Park for years, and in 1996 we decided it was time to buy a cabin of our own and spend the entire summer there.  We were referred to Wayne Newsom, and he found just what we were looking for.  Among other things it was only a mile or so from Cheley Camp, which Bill attended as a boy in the 1940s and 50s, so it was familiar territory to him.  We enjoyed our cabin for thirteen years, until health concerns dictated our return to lower altitude.  We went back to Wayne and he sold the cabin--at our asking price--in less than two weeks.  We found that our cabin had doubled in value, and this despite the depressed real estate conditions nationally.  Wayne had found us a solid property with good value appreciation, and he served us wonderfully at both ends--buying and selling. 

Bill and Liz Goodwin
Des Moines, IA

The Ketterman's recommend Wayne NewsomWayne and Pat,

My wife and I just completed the purchase of a place in Estes Park.  The purchase was a culmination of a long time dream of ours to own property in one of our favorite places on the Planet.  One afternoon while in Estes Park for a brief summer visit, we walked in unannounced to the Coldwell Banker office.  Wayne met us at the door and introduced himself.  We explained in a few short sentences what we were trying to accomplish.  Wayne immediately understood and explained what would happen next.  We both took an immediate liking to Wayne.  In a short period of time after that, we closed the deal on our new place.  This story is more remarkable given that fact that my wife and I live in Malaysia and were in Malaysia for the entire time leading up to the closing.    

Wayne is a very practical, knowledgeable guy with an easy going style.  He eased our minds a number of times as he helped us work through the myriad of details involved in purchasing property in Colorado. We knew we were in good hands and were working with a professional who had all the necessary tools to get the job done.   

My wife and I are both very appreciative of what Wayne was able to help us accomplish and will always hold fond memories of the buying experience.  Anyone wishing to buy some property in Estes or merely to talk to “a local” and get the lowdown on what Estes Park is all about, should just knock on Wayne’s door.  I know we will.”

L & K Ketterman, Malaysia

Jim and Millie AllenWe would like to express our appreciation for the opportunity to have worked with Wayne during the listing and sale of our home.  His honesty, experience, helpful suggestions and ability to negotiate a fair selling price impressed us.  We highly recommend Wayne as a Realtor.

J & M Allen, Estes Park

Another happy customerWhen my father decided to move to assisted living, we needed to sell his house.  Wayne Newsom was there and extremely helpful in every way.  He was even willing to meet with us the day before Thanksgiving to get things rolling by letting us know what needed to be done to  ‘spruce up’ the house before putting it on the market.  Not only did he suggest what we needed to do, he had good quality names of companies in Estes to help us get it done.  As we got ready to put the house on the market he took numerous fantastic pictures of the house and property, advertized in lots of formats, and kept us updated on showings. 

Any little thing that needed to be done, he did himself or let us know what needed to be done.  In the bargaining part of the sale, he called often, faxed me things since I live out of town, met personally with my dad as needed, gave us good sound economic advice- he definitely went the extra mile to be the professional caring real estate agent anyone would want on their team.  We couldn’t have been happier with his work ethic- friendly, helpful, and dedicated to his job.  Closing went smoothly because Wayne had done his job. After closing he gave my dad the pictures of the house he had taken, a great memory for my dad and very thoughtful on Wayne’s part.  I would highly recommend Wayne Newsom to be your real estate agent.

Linda Waterman

Thanks Wayne NewomDear Wayne:  It has been a year since I moved into my new home and I wanted to write and thank you again for helping me find the perfect home.  You were so patient and kind during the entire process.  I also want to thank you for the wisdom you gave me when I was looking for my home.  It was obvious you understand your clients and the housing market and you have an innate ability to guide your customers to the home that best suits their needs.

L Lucht – Estes Park

Wayne Newsom TestimonialWayne was our Realtor when we sold our house on Wonderview Avenue in Estes Park. The experience was efficient and pleasant from beginning to end.  We feel his explanations and advise were critical to our selling our home as quickly as we did…in 2 ½  weeks.  His vast experience and winning personality make him a Realtor we highly recommend.

B & D Penn, EP to Palm Spgs, CA

Levy Family TestimonialWe were very satisfied with Wayne during our search for a new place in Estes Park.  Wayne is very knowledgeable of the area and helped us avoid such things as areas of high wind.  He screened places for us to look at and selected places that matched our needs and explained why other places would not be a good match for us.  Since we live in Indiana, he went out of his way to take pictures of some of the places we were interested in.  He also sent us floor plans and other information to help us since we could not look at all of the places.  We finally settled on buying a condo which he checked out for us.

R & S Levy – Indiana

Our realtor (Wayne) had a buyer for our house in two weeks! ---and we got the price we wanted! When we encountered a technical or legal problem, he went the "extramile" until the problem was resolved. We had a very pleasant and profitable relationship.

Your Indebted Clients,
Helen & Bob
PS We already miss the good times we shared

Wayne has handled two estate sales for us over the years.  Dealing with people in emotional times when differences between family members can create stress and anxiety must be one of the most difficult jobs for a realtor.  Wayne handled both sales with professionalism and sensitivity, calming the waters whenever stormy weather threatened.  He seems never to get rattled by events, and so it was always easy for us to stay steady, trust in his judgment and make the right decisions.  Best of all, Wayne is always a gentleman, on who enjoys his work and the people it involves.

Scott & Julie Roederer
Estes Park

Wayne was our realtor when we sold my Mother's home recently.  My Mother passed away and he was sensitive to this situation.  My husband and I both feel that Wayne handled this sale with the utmost of professionalism and care.  Since we live in Maryland, Wayne would constantly send us advertisments he had put in the papers to let us know what he was doing in that respect, he would call us every time the house was shown, and we felt very much "in the loop" even though we lived so far away. 

Wayne could not have been any easier to work with and he always gave us good advice.  This was the second time we worked with Wayne because last year we sold some property of our own in Estes. He had it sold in less than a week and again, he did a great job!  We couldn't ask for a nicer, more knowledgeable realtor.

W & S Albaugh

Once again, Wayne, you have led us through our sixth real estate transaction in Estes Park.  Our relationship with you began in 1987 and we cann’t imagine these past years without your guidance and friendship.  Wayne, you have worked tirelessly with us in all transactions to make certain that we acquired just the right property to meet our needs and desires.  You have been the consummate professional in every respect, working aggressively with integrity, outstanding knowledge, and fairness.  It has been a great pleasure towork with you over the years.  Your attitude and hard work have added much to our joy in living in Estes Park.  Our sincere appreciation to you for such outstanding care over the years.

An added bonus in this relationship is the faithful presence of Pat, supporting you and reaching out to us and to the community at large.

With sincere appreciation to you both.

Dr. Mason & Elizabeth Willis
Centennial, CO

We had a good time going around with Wayne when we visited Estes Park to look at available places. During those hours we felt as though we got to know him better than a few hours' acquaintance would suggest. We knew of Wayne's services to town government from our online researches, and as we cruised around the neighborhoods hearing stories about their history, we saw his depth of knowledge of this community. At the same time, he got a good grasp of who we are, and what we were looking for.

Knowing that both Wayne and Pat had long records of involvement in Estes Park's civic and business affairs, we could see that they were not just selling chunks of the town, but that they cared deeply enough about it to contribute to its management and well-being.

All of that was crucial, because the places we viewed in April did not work out for one reason or another. When we were eventually able to buy our house, we did so without ever having seen it in person. Only our confidence in our agent made this decision possible. As it was, there were rough spots to be overcome, and Wayne's calm demeanor, professional attitude, and wide experience came to the fore in smoothing those spots out.

On top of all that, Wayne & Pat both made us feel welcome and advised us on many of the details involved in settling into a new place.

Craig & Pam Seaver
transplants from New Hampshire

My wife and I have been coming to Estes Park on a yearly basis for about 20 years.  We have always felt at home in Estes Park.  This summer we started looking for properties that would allow us to spend more time there with our family.

My wife has always loved the Stanley and by chance we happened to drive by a condo for sale with views of the historic hotel.  She went to the Coldwell Banker office one afternoon and met Wayne.  He was very prompt getting back to us with information on the property.  Our vacation ended; after returning home we made the decision to purchase the condo requiring us to complete the transaction via e-mail, fax and telephone calls.  Wayne was extremely helpful, timely and efficient in all matters that arose during our negotiations with the seller.  We were able to complete the purchase with Wayne's assistance and realize our life long dream of owning a home in Estes.

Wayne is very knowledgeable and courteous and I will be recommending him to all of my family and friends.  It is encouraging to meet someone who enjoys what they do and still places value in a handshake.  We thank you, Wayne for helping us make our dream a reality.

Greg J. VanSkiver
Hastings, NE

Don and I  live on the East Coast (Maryland) and wanted to purchase a vacation home in Estes Park that we can use in the summer and off and on during the year.  We emailed Wayne ahead of time stating what we were looking for and when we’d be out there.  Wayne tuned right in with our wishes, found a variety of listings for us, and took us all over the Estes area exploring and checking them out.  That way we got to see the various neighborhoods and communities that are available, learned our way around, were treated to stories about the history of the area, and ruled out properties that weren’t in line with our situation.  By the end of our week there we’d found just the right place! 

We did our settlement long-distance, and even the notary we used for some of the documents commented on the efficient and organized manner in which these papers were prepared for our signatures.  We are grateful to Wayne for his patience, his vast knowledge of Estes Park and environs, his role in helping us secure our lovely new home, and his very competent partner and wife, Pat.

Cece & Don Kopp
Timonium, MD

We met Wayne several years ago when we looked at a house he had listed.  That was the beginning of a long relationship of trust and complete confidence in him as a Realtor and friend.  Over the years we have purchased property, listed and sold property through him.  We have found him to be one of the most honest and dependable people we know...and a gentleman as well.

It is always a pleasure to do business with him not only as our Realtor but as our good friend for a long time.

Paul and Judy Tharp
Estes Park and Lee’s Summit, MO

Dear Wayne:  Just to let you know how much we appreciate all the hard work you put in towards our recent property purchase in Estes Park.  This was far from a straight forward transaction especially since we do not reside in Colorado.  Your attention to detail, prompt responses to all questions and skilled handling of all problems that came up, the purchase and closing went very smoothly.  The whole process was handled in a most friendly and professional manner and we are very grateful for all your efforts.

B & L Chilcott – New York

We have known Wayne and Pat Newsom for more than 20 years…Wayne participated in our buying our present home 13 years ago.

This past year Wayne was instrumental in selling my mom’s condo.  I trust Wayne absolutely.  He tells the truth even if it is not to his advantage.  His knowledge of the market and listings in the Estes Valley is remarkable.  In the sale of the condo specifically, Wayne’s ability to deal with the paperwork and the people necessary to sell a piece of property and transfer ownership made the process stress-free for me.  He accurately described in full what was to happen and how and then made it happen because of his long experience. I have no reason to look elsewhere for a Realtor.

T Davis – Estes Park

Wayne Newsom became our broker in August 2007 when we were looking for property along the Thompson River.  He did an excellent job of explaining his position as a Transaction Broker.  He helped us through the process of presenting an offer and debating if the property was best for us.  He talked over the pros and cons and provided a great service and recommended highly qualified people for the closing.  He is open and honest and steered us in the right direction…we have been extremely happy with our decision.  I would call on Wayne again and also refer him to others. 

B & G Truesdell – Greeley, CO

It is a pleasure to recommend my friend Wayne Newsom as a well qualified, thoroughly professional Realtor.  My experience with him during the listing and sale of my Estes Park property was outstanding.  Wayne has a wealth of local knowledge and experience and one could do not better for representation.

A A Armour – Loveland, CO

The summer of 2007 my father had to be taken to a health care center and his house had to be sold quickly.  He had known Wayne as a friend and Realtor for a long time.  Wayne met with me at the house for a once over and I stated our needs.  He knew this was a difficult time for us and made the selling of the property a very easy job.  He worked hard for us and always kept me informed of what was going on.  The house sold the end of August.  I would use him again in a heartbeat.

D Covington – Drake, CO

Wayne was amiable, efficient and professional in his dealings with my wife and me.  When we called the agency and told him of our real estate wishes, he provided us with a list of properties he felt would be of interest to us.  Being from out of town and having limited time, he was always willing to be available to show us properties.  His willingness to search out and provide answers to all our questions made this experience a memorable one.  Thanks to him we were able to purchase property that fit all our needs.  He led us through the purchasing procedures explaining all facets of the contract.  Thanks, Wayne!

M & M Rutkowski – Tucson

We’ve bought and sold several homes but Wayne Newsom has done the best job for us.  He suggested we have a professional appraiser to help determine the asking price for our home.  He put a visual “walk through” on the ‘net which generated much interest…he made a brochure which showed the inside and our lot.  We had many potential buyers shown by Coldwell Banker and other Estes Park Realtors.  At the end of six weeks our house was sold and the Title company completed the sale in record time.  We have recommended Wayne to our friends who plan to sell their homes as well.

 R & M Brown – Highlands Ranch, CO

Wayne was very helpful to us when we came to Estes Park to buy property.  In three days we were able to find and make a purchase offer on a wonderful home. Wayne knows Estes Park very well as well as the values of properties and the current market which was very helpful for us.  With us being from out of town, he valued our time and was very accommodating.  We would recommend Wayne for buying and/or selling a home.

R & J Sanborn - Houston